Welcome to the Engaging Parents in Learning PD, we hope you enjoy the course.

To begin, just click on the title of Lesson 1 ‘Introduction’ in the Course Content section below.

A few things to note before you get started:

Work at your own pace

You can stop and start the course whenever you like. You’ll notice that once you’ve marked a Lesson as complete, our system will record your progress with a green tick so that you can easily pick up where you left off. After you’ve finished the course, you will still have access to the course content and the resources within the course.


Once you’ve marked all Lessons as complete you will find a “Print Your Certificate” button appears at the top of this course page. Just press this button to print or save your certificate.

Reflection Activities

Throughout the course, you will find frequent reflection activities. These are to help you to relate the learning in this course to your own teaching context. You are not required to submit your responses to these questions, just take the opportunity to reflect on how the information in the course relates to your own unique teaching context.

Help and Advice

Our education consultants are always happy to provide guidance or clarification. If at any time you would like some advice, just email us using the form found on our Contact page.